Sunday, May 9, 2010


I've been thinking about the band Calexico for awhile now, meaning to look into their music and pick up an album or two (...or more if I really like them).  I was struck by their bit in the movie about Bob Dylan - I'm Not There - that came out a few years ago.  It has taken me until this week to finally look into them.

This was spurred on by my friend and I talking in the car between gardening jobs the other day about how we both love to fall in love with new music... or at least new music to our ears.  Finding new bands or artists to get into, for me, is like a new crush.  All I want to do is listen to that CD or song over and over again.  I think about the band and the new and interesting music all the time.

When I was in town a couple of days ago I dropped into the local music store - Turn It Up.  They sell new and used CD's at good prices.  I've also been thinking how I hardly ever buy music any more since I have an Ipod.  I miss the days of leisurely poking around the music store, holding a record in my hand, looking at the art work, reading the liner notes and sometimes even listening to the music before I make the purchase.  I have decided to support the cool, local music store, and the bands I like by stopping by the store on a regular basis and purchasing an album so I can have a new music crush every now and then.

This week's band of interest for me is Calexico.  I picked up two of their albums: Convict Pool & Hot Rail.   I love most any musical sounds and styles that relate or hint to the music of Mexico or the Southwest.  Calexico is going for it with the horns, rhythms, guitar playing, overall sound.  I like this hybird of roots-rock and mexican influence.  Here's a link to one of their song, Crystal Frontier


  1. A lot of your artwork reflects the sounds of Calexico - it seems like a good fit. I recommend you check out Feast of Wire, Garden Ruin and Carried to Dust when you have a chance. As great as they are on cd, Calexico are 10x better live in concert. They are playing a festival in Mass. this summer:

  2. Hi Kim, That was fun! I love to discover new music too. Last year it was Rodrigo e Gabriella (sp?) who just played at the Calvin. By the time I decided to go the only tickets left cost 134.00 each! Whoa, where are we, NY? I had invited my brother to come, so I burned him a CD and said better luck next time!
    I'm sure there enough wealthy people to fill the Calvin, they don't have to cater to me! (weep weep)
    Happy gardening!