Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Sketchbook Sunday #7: ...on a Wednesday

8 1/2" x 8 1/2"
gouache on watercolor paper

Spring is on my mind.  Some rain (and snow here in New England) falls.  The sap is flowing.  Trees and bushes are showing their buds.  The energy in the seeds and in the bulbs fire up for the push of growth that is coming.

I'm still testing materials.  I like the liquid gouache that I used here and the way it opaquely covers the paper in even color however I miss a semi glossy reflection or shine.  I'm on a quest for the paint and surface that will work best with my bold, graphic, colorful and tightly patterned designs.


  1. I like it, could be a design for a scarf too, a beautiful spring scarf.

  2. Kim - I like this a lot! And, was just thinking that you might try a semi-gloss varnish on it after you paint it. We can talk more in person, but that just occurred to me. It will have two purposes - one, protect the paint from UV and second, give you a little sheen. Anyway, more when we meet. Looks GREAT!

  3. Thanks Renilde, That's a cool idea, a scarf to wrap around one's back and shoulders or to tie around one's head...

    I like the sound of a varnish, Valerianna. Let's talk more about it. Thanks too, I'm happy that you like the painting!

  4. Kim, I love this piece! shades of Pennsylvania Dutch, tattoo art and mother nature, rolled into one. A scarf would be something! Hope to see you at Earth Hour? Take care,
    Hugs, Sherry