Thursday, March 3, 2011


 "And like the sky my soul is also turning."
                                                                            - Ray LaMontagne

I've been having this feeling...just didn't know how to attach words to it.  In nine words Mr. La Montagne sums it up so poetically and perfectly.  Our souls are turning, moving, changing color, becoming light and dark.  The soul is vast, infinite and full of worlds and stars.

I want to share this song with you although it doesn't contain the above lyric.  The sound is Joni Mitchell meets Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young and is wonderfully written and sung by Ray LaMontagne here in the 2010's.  It's a song about a soul longing to break free.


  1. he's canadian :) and I like his music, too!

    I reply you with this song...

    no words (other than the title) but the poetry in this song resides in every single note...this is a true love story, hardly to be matched by a song...somehow, the poetry of the arab lands is so deep, that we can only see the surface...

    And to expres some of my opinions about music, I think that words are not neccessary in music. other than ritualic music (like psaltic music in orthodoxy, or in other religions) and the folclore (or old roots music) I consider that music with lyrics is somehow more superficial of a combination. the most part of the popular and consumer pop/rock/country/old rock is garbage, and for the same reason I'm inclined to consider that rap or disco music is a more sincere expression.

  2. Razvan!
    It's so good to hear from you. I was just thinking of you this morning as I haven't see you come by my blog in awhile. Thanks for sharing your thoughts...I've missed you.

    You know, Ray La Montagne now lives really close to me in western Ma. Some friends have seen him at the area hang outs.

    Thanks for expressing your opinions about music. I agree, words are not necessary...the notes, sounds and feelings express so much. Some of the most meaningful music has no words and I love that music itself is a language.

    I do like words too, like I like a good poem. I think words matched with music has the potential to create a picture and feeling using two languages at once.
    Yes, there is a lot of garbage out there however I think the best music comes from a place of a solid, strong, sincere, sometimes clever and meaningful intention. If a lyricist or composer digs deep we will know just like when we know when something is superficial.

    I'm taking the Henryk Gorecki CD to my friends place to listen to this weekend. I will be house sitting with a lot of alone time to sit and listen to the CD player play music. I'll let you know what I think.

    Thank you for sharing the song by Anouar Brahem. It is haunting, exotic and beautiful...soulful.