Sunday, May 22, 2011

Lilac Wine

It's that intoxicating time of year again...

My senses are filled with sweet and heady scents, colors and feelings during these misty spring days.  I think I'll go cut a bouquet of Lilacs to bring in the house right now.  I'm off to sing and make music with friends tonight and as always, I'm thinking about music... "Lilac Wine" is a song I sing with Josh from time to time.  I love Nina Simone's elegant version. 


  1. Nina is velvet smooth! Lilac wine is something I've never tried. Beautiful photo!

  2. Good to see you and Josh this morning! GREAT version of the song...

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  4. Kimberly:

    Apology: I shared this story with followers of my blog. Insurance noninteger its contents. Editorial comment.

    Here in Costa Rica's scenery is spectacular. I live near Lake Arenal, one of my home I can see six major giants: Tenorio, Arenal, Rincón de la Vieja, Orosi and Miravalles. With your skill as a photographer and artist I'd be very happy to come here someday. (Sorry: use the Google translator).