Thursday, March 15, 2012


Walking towards the chicken coop 
smell of dirt, mud, dampness, melting snow.
Singing birds flitting 
tree top to tree top.
A robin stands on the top branch of a shrub.

Soft white light reflecting off gray barked trees, 
green mossy rocks, 
the brown, tans of hibernating grass.
Warm sun rays reaching through my sweater,
I walk into the shed.
Opening the door to the nests
I see three eggs waiting.


  1. Nice word-imagery, but you're obviously not writing about today unless the weather across town is very different!

    1. Thanks Valerianna. You are very perceptive ;-). It was written today but from a mental image and experience in my mind from 2 days ago. I wrote it in the dark when I was up at 4:30am this morning. Luckily I made it back to bed an hour later for a few more hours of shut eye.