Saturday, December 10, 2011

Festive Paper Cuts

I'm making new paper cuts and was inspired to use some beautiful, decorative, red paper I've had around and incorporate it into festive holiday designs. Each tree is different, original, like a finger print. I'm thinking that these designs may make a nice holiday card set...  These original designs will be available at another local craft fair that I am involved with, the Spruce Corner Schoolhouse Yuletide Craft Fair in Ashfield, MA. The venue is truly a historic one-room schoolhouse, set on a beautiful spot by a stream and wetlands off 116 in Ashfield. The date of the fair is December 17th (Sat. 10-4) and 18th (Sun. 12-4). If you live nearby, perhaps you can make it to do some shopping for handcrafted and homegrown local goodies and gifts?


  1. Mornin' Kim - these are GREAT! Thanks for the info on the fair, I just might make it!

  2. Wonderful stuff. You're very talented!

  3. Thank you, Valerianna and Danusha!

    Would love to see you tomorrow Val!

    And me your mailing address on FB or personal email so I can write you a proper letter with a card with one of these designs. Been meaning to write to you!

  4. Beautiful and festive! A wonderful and creative contribution to the season!