Thursday, January 12, 2012

A Year for Creating

2012 looms ahead, an empty, blank, snow white canvas awaiting to be painted and marked upon with life experiences.  It's a place where color, dreams and imaginings will become reality. Although I'm not a resolution setter I look to the new year as a marker of time. I look back on the previous year and reflect on what came to be and look ahead to the space waiting to filled with intentions, goals and good work.

I hung my new calendar with January's page gleaming at me, bright and shining, ready to be marked upon with appointments, dates with friends and all that kind of stuff. Then I went into my studio and rearranged things, cleaned things up and began preparing three big canvases with gesso for new paintings that are longing be birthed from my heart and mind into something real.

The canvases and the year mirror each other in their meaning to me. Here we go... off for a ride which is a year of creating on many levels.

I wish for all of you health and happiness in 2012. I believe this year brings us an opportunity, a moment to create our ideals both personally and in the world with others. I wish for a year of great transitions and positive creation.

On New Year's Day I headed out to the woods behind my house and walked on and connected with my land and my two walking companions. It was a warm, beautiful day. We hiked back until we hit a musical stream and then decided to follow it down, down, down the mountain through moss covered rocks, a young hemlock grove, iced rocks and green ferns. At the ending of the trail we came to the beaver pond and admired the different landscape with dried grasses, trees, open space, and a beaver dam. Here are some pictures taken the other day when I went back to revisit all the beautiful things I saw on January 1st. This time of year it is strange to see so much green in the forest. It's one of the blessings of not having snow on the ground by now. Snow is the more common reality. For now I admire the green while I anticipate the snows I hope will fall. Please enjoy the winter green as I did the other day...


  1. Nice post, Kim - looks a lot like behind here. Love the way the ice flows around the beaver dam. SNOW! (but I think its suppose to rain today...)

  2. Stunning woodlands and waters. I am in agreement with your wishes for our New Happy Year.

  3. Hi Valerianna and Magnolia,
    Thank you for your comments. The woods and waters have been very pretty. Now everything is covered in snow! Very pretty too! Hope you are both well!

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  5. Lovely blank canvases ready for paint and a beautiful picture.
    I like seeing where other artists live and I have noticed that most of us live near woods, I also have woods behind my house! ;-)
    That is amazing that you have a beaver dam near by. Love your woodland photos and it's great to find your blog.

    Best wishes and Happy New Year!
    Jo May.

    1. Welcome, JoAnne! Thank you for visiting my blog and sharing a comment.I have been enjoying your blog and creations for a bit over a year now so it makes me happy to make more of a connection with you. It is interesting that artists you see and know live near the woods too...perhaps the connection to the wildness outside mirrors our creative selves and the wilds within?

      Hope you are well and happily creating in your neck of the woods :-)!

    2. Hi again Kim,
      It has been lovely catching up with you on blogger as well and I appreciated your kind comment at my place. I enjoy meeting like minded people like yourself. ;-)

      Have a great creative weekend and I hope those beautiful woods inspire you!