Thursday, March 1, 2012

March 1st Snowy Day

Inside the warm house this morning I finished painting in one of three new drawings. I thought you might like to see it. Feels like the anticipation of spring is coming out in colors in the art and around the house.

Outside the snow has been falling for over 24 hrs. It's so beautiful out there. The junkos and chicadees have been stationed around the feeder hashing out who gets what and when. The atmosphere seems a little tense as I've noticed the birds are fighting with each other over the seeds. Here they're resting on the lilac next to the feeders.
I headed out for a walk to take some pictures and get some fresh air. I like these shots of the two neighboring old, red, farmhouses in their snowy scenery.

The beaver pond is beautiful any time of year. Some geese flew back this week to start this season's habitation of the pond. I hope they are under cover and staying warm. I wonder if this snow surprised them?


  1. tell me again when i may come for a visit?


  2. Your new painting is very spring like with lovely colours. I wish the warmer weather would arrive here, but your snow photos are amazing, so magical and otherworldly!
    Really beautiful images... I would love to walk in that deep snow with you!
    Have a fun weekend,

    1. Spring must be right around the corner for you in the UK. I have fond memories of spending March 17th, St. Patty's Day and my friend's birthday with her in Belfast, Ireland many, many moons ago. We spent the weekend wondering the countryside surrounding the city and I remember laying down in the warm sun on a green lawn filled with daffodils a plenty blooming all around us.

      I agree, a walk in the snow would be enjoyable with you! Thank you for your sweet words, JoAnne.