Tuesday, May 1, 2012

May Day

I spent most of this rainy May Day on the computer editing and photo shopping paintings like this new one to prepare them for prints and cards. I'm learning as I go and it is not as easy as I think it will be. It looks like my new cards and prints will come together but not without some stress and hair pulling.  I'm on a learning curve. I want to reproduce my original art and make it as easy as possible to work with when reproducing as cards and prints. However, my original paintings and paper cuts have not always been measured out with an accuracy that makes the photo shop, layout and printing process quick and simple. This will get better and I suspect I will get better at this. I'm just feeling stress and pressure as the deadline of the Hilltown Spring Festival looms ahead on May 12th. I hope to have a nice table set up with lots of new cards and prints to show and to sell. Wish me luck!


  1. this photo painting is wonderful. definite feel of the feminine.

    Happy May Day.

    1. Happy May Day to you Magnolia! Thank you for your kind comment.

  2. Ooh, I love this one! Hang in there, you will get it done!

  3. Looks nice and even to me!! You know, you could also crop them just a teeny tiny bit if not square and resize the overall image to be whatever size you want.... you probably know this, but just in case!

  4. Relax! You are talented and all you have to do is let if flow.

  5. Good luck Kim, I know the learning curve can be frustrated but it looks like you're doing great. I saw some of your cards at Elmers tonight and they look beautiful!