Tuesday, June 12, 2012

June Blooms

I think June may be my favorite month in the garden. There is somethings about waking up to the first morning light paired with a particular call of a type of bird in the forest that sweetly sings back and forth to each other as the sun rises. The lengthening days, some cool and some warm, filled with green growth and colorful blooms make me want to go outside and take a look around at least a few times a day. I love where I live. I love all of it's seasons but there is something about June. A kind of calm, comfortable happiness comes over me. Here are some views taken in my garden, a clients garden that I care for and around my neighborhood celebrating this special time.

... a ride through Cummington to a garden I work in...

...some columbine, irises and containers at the garden I care for...

... my husband found a few patches of a wildflower called Lady Slippers in our woods. He took me out there for a walk to show them to me. I'm happy to see that so many special native plants make their home in our woods.

...the roses smell so good in my garden around the house. I think I may look up a rose cordial recipe. I bought a cordial in Krakow last summer that is heavenly...now if I can figure out how to make it myself. That would be nice.

 ...we have many frogs and tadpoles that take up residence in our little pond...

...these Alliums look like fire crackers to me...

...a June view of my front yard garden...


  1. Hi Kim, Lovely post and gorgeous flowers! I love this time of year too, and seem to rhapsodize about it in my blog. Yesterday I found lupines in Pudding Hollow-check it out!
    Hope you are doing well as motherhood looms closer! Enjoy your gardening!

  2. And in spring, let me see spring, not Poland

  3. Hi Kim,
    I love gardening too and feel the same way in Spring, trying to get outside a lot to see all the changes because the perennials come and go so quickly. I can't think of many moments that can match that feeling upon catching a wildflower in bloom in the woods. Thanks for sharing the pics.